Yale professor hunts down retail ‘bad guys’ and ‘nice guys’ tied to business operations in Russia


In recent weeks, retailers in the United States have announced store closures and temporary shutdowns of operations in Russia in response to Russia’s war on Ukraine.

And a Yale professor follows up.

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld has a “nothing and nothing” list, which is actually an Excel spreadsheet, of what major Western brands are doing when it comes to business activity in Russia, according to a CNBC report. He created the list with his research team at the Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute.

The growing list of U.S. companies taking action includes retailers from H&M to fast food giants like McDonald’s and fast food leaders like Starbucks.

“I greatly admire all of these companies,” Sonnenfeld told the outlet.

He believes the actions of Western companies will “absolutely have an effect” on Russia, according to the report.

While Russia’s war on Ukraine has seen more than 300 American companies and multinationals sever ties with Russia, there are more than few who are not taking such action, according to a Yahoo. Newscast citing Sonnenfeld’s list which is updated hourly.

At the end of last week, Marriott and food and beverage maker Mondelez were on the naughty list.


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