Why I would start investing in stock markets now


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I started my stock market investing journey many years ago. But if I were to start, I think now would be the perfect time to start investing. As contrary as it may seem, I assure you that it is not. Consider this. Some of the biggest FTSE100 businesses have been around for what seems like forever. They survived a century that saw two world wars and a Great Depression. And these are just a few of the many other challenges faced in the 20th century alone. Even as we enter the 21st century, there have already been a few. These companies are resisting after the blow of the financial crisis of the 2000s. And then they faced the virtual shutdown of the world economy caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The great challenges of the moment

It gives me a lot of confidence that they could be very well positioned to survive the latest challenge to global equity markets, sparked by Russia’s war against Ukraine, which shows no signs of slowing down at this time. . There are of course many potentially difficult fallouts from this attack. The most obvious one we are already facing is rising oil and gas prices. Inflation was already rising even earlier, and with rising fuel prices, it may well be on the verge of spiraling out of control. And if we have a period of high and sustained inflation, an economic downturn is not far behind. There is also potential for social unrest, as pointed out by Germany. Russia is Europe’s largest gas supplier and cutting off its supplies in response to the war could create a huge mismatch between supply and demand.

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Markets around the world are reeling from the current situation in Ukraine… and with so many big companies trading at what appear to be “discounted” prices, now may be the time for savvy investors to grab some good potential business.

But whether you’re a newbie investor or a seasoned professional, deciding which stocks to add to your shopping list can be a daunting prospect in these unprecedented times.

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Why I would start investing now

What I mean here is that given the long-term history of FTSE 100 stocks, there is a high probability that they can survive. And if I were to start buying stocks as they plunge due to general market weakness, I could find myself much farther ahead in a much shorter time than otherwise. That said, I would like to make my choices carefully. The last thing I want to do is enter the stock markets now, get burned out, and never regain the confidence to start investing again.

The best stocks to buy

I think some of my best bets right now might be global multinationals. Because they have interests in many parts of the world and are not just focused on Europe, they are less likely to feel the impact even if things get worse in Ukraine. Major oil companies like BP and Royal Dutch Shell are two that I love, although an economic downturn could affect them down the line. tobacco biggie Imperial Marks is another that could also win at being a defensive title.


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