Twitch’s AIP program to give streamers more reliable income


Twitch is rolling out a new initiative that could alleviate unreliable revenue, which is one of the biggest problems with content creation.

The Advertising Incentive Program, or AIP, is a new Twitch program that will pay select streamers a guaranteed minimum monthly amount of ad revenue.

All qualified Affiliate Streamers or Partners will receive a notification from Twitch offering them different payouts based on the number of ads broadcast per hour and the total number of hours broadcast.

Twitch AIP

In the example posted by Twitch, if a creator streamed at least 40 hours per month, they could get $100 to stream two minutes of ads per hour, $300 for 3 minutes, or $500 for 4 minutes, depending on Advertising week.

Along with tiered incentives, AIP also comes with an ad management feature that controls when ads are shown during a stream, reducing the burden of ad breaks.

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In the announcement, Twitch said the amounts offered will vary by creator and that there is no cap on potential earnings.

Creators can get more revenue at their normal rate for streaming beyond the minimum number of hours needed.

If a creator opts out of the program, the platform said they can get pro-rated payment based on the number of hours streamed.

AIP looks like some sort of universal basic income program for creators. Unreliability of earnings is one of the biggest headaches for all content creators.

Income from donations and subscriptions can fluctuate wildly each month, creating a precarious environment for people dependent on this income.

According to Twitch, having reliable ad revenue should allow creators to better plan for the future, no matter what. The platform hopes this is another step towards empowering creators.

Play on Luna

Besides rolling out the AIP, Amazon has also added Play on Luna. Amazon is now delivering on its 2020 promise to allow Twitch viewers to play games on Luna.

According to Bryant Chappel from the Nerf Report and 9to5Google report, Twitch has added a Play on Luna button that lets you access games on Amazon’s cloud gaming service.

If you’ve subscribed to Luna in its early access program and are linked to your Twitch account, you’ll see the option to start playing titles available through Amazon’s platform.

Engadget contacted Twitch for further details, such as platform support. The button only appears on a game’s global page instead of Twitch channels.

Adding the feature to the platform will not generate much interest in Play on Luna considering the effort required to search for it. It just brings Play on Luna closer to Amazon’s original vision of seamless Twitch integration.

Plus, it gives Amazon a little edge over Google Stadia. Google has yet to fully connect its own game streaming service to YouTube, and won’t enable Crowd Play, which joins online games from a YouTube stream, until 2021. There’s a huge possibility that Twitch will expand access to Play on Luna in the near future.

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