Tax Lawyers for Income Tax Bill Changes


The Bangladesh Tax Lawyers Association has demanded the amendment of a number of provisions of the Income Tax Bill 2022 to strengthen the Tax Appeal Tribunal to expedite the resolution of disputes to provide hassle-free legal support to taxpayers.

The leaders of the association recommended including the provision allowing the assessee to challenge the judgment of the court in the High Court.

They also suggested introducing a universal self-assessment policy into the bill.

A provision allowing tax commissioners or co-inspecting commissioners to review any erroneous orders should be amended to ensure a fair opportunity for taxpayers to assess, they said.

They also demanded the amendment of the provision of subsection (1) of Section 160 to allow taxpayers to appeal the High Court Division against the order of the Tax Appeals Tribunal.

The National Revenue Council hosted a discussion program on the Income Tax Act 2022 on March 16, during which lawyers and tax experts presented their views on the upcoming bill.

They said a number of sections and subsections of the income tax bill needed to be amended to ensure taxpayers’ interest in increasing the country’s direct tax revenue.

They also demanded the revocation of subsections (5) and (6) of Section 154, which conflict with Section 82C so that the taxes only tax profits from turnover and not the loss of turnover.

According to clause 347 of the bill, tax officials will be rewarded for conducting operations aimed at preventing tax evasion, which is the regular job of the tax official, so the provision to reward tax officials should be repealed by income tax law 22 , they suggested.

They also suggested introducing a separate provision for job holders or professionals on their tax returns.

Also, the provision that allows taxpayers to file a revised return on time before the assessment, these files to submit their returns on time and discover any omissions or incorrect statements should be included in the bill.

They also suggested including subsection (2) of Section 44 of the Income Tax Ordinance 1948 in the Bill to promote investors and minimize the risk of money laundering .

Dhaka Tax Bar Association Chairman AKM Azizur Rahman, BTLA Head Sohrab Uddin, BTLA Member Secretary Md Khurshed Alam and others attended the program.

NBR President Abu Hena Md Rahmatul Muneem chaired the program.


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