Sumter Historic Homes Auction to Help Low-Income Tax Clinic


The house at 403 West Calhoun St. in historic Sumter will be up for auction. A portion of the proceeds will be used for a tax clinic for low-income people.

SUMTER, SC — Archie Parnell remembers admiring the house at 403 West Calhoun St. for years when he was growing up in Sumter.

“I saw this house when I was in school, I mean high school, and I loved it when I was little. It was in 1968,” he recalls.

When Parnell grew up, he bought it. Then he bought the properties next door.

“It’s an assembly. It’s a real estate term for putting several houses together,” said the vice president of Interluxe Stacy Kirk explained.

She helps Parnell auction off the house in historic Sumter. The building was built in the 1920s. Now it will be used for a good cause.

“It’s just too much property for just two people,” Parnell added.

Parnell, a tax lawyer, sells the house to the highest bidder. A portion of the proceeds will go to University of South Carolina School of Lawwho is working to start a tax clinic for low-income people.

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Parnell said some of his earliest memories were of his mother, who was an accountant and worked in tax returns, according to Associate Professor Clinton Wallace.

“We see it as a great addition to our existing Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program which we run each year before tax day (to help low-income people complete their tax returns ),” Wallace wrote in an email to News 19. “Our schedule and specific plans for the clinic are still in the works.”

The auction will start at $500,000 and Kirk said she doesn’t know how high the bidding will go.

“Properties can really take us by surprise for what they can sell, for what they can’t sell,” Kirk said. “For one person who really appreciates the historic property, it will have a higher value. Perhaps for the other person who is just looking for a home and a place to live with their family, it will have a different value.”

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Whatever the sale price of the house, Parnell says some of the money will go to the USC clinic.

“People don’t like dealing with the IRS in disputes and they’re quite stressed and worried about it, so I think it would be a good thing for my mom to do and also a good thing for taxpayers to do. low-income, as well as law school students, because they can have tactical training in doing business and dealing with real people instead of just reading law books,” Parnell detailed. “They are just confused and really stressed and getting angry and stuff, so it’s just a much smoother process to get free representation for people who are in a certain income category.”

The house will be open to visitors this weekend and the auction begins on Monday the Interluxe website.


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