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Naresh Manchanda, CEO, Risk, Technology and Digitization

MBG Corporate Services sheds light on the essential three Ps of enterprise technology

Published: Mon 27 Jun 2022, 10:20 AM

Last update: Mon 27 Jun 2022, 10:34

There is a famous saying by Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, in which he says: “Automation applied to an inefficient operation will amplify the inefficiency.”

This is especially true in the case of businesses. Technology in business is a decades-old topic, if not older. However, it is only recently that technology has come to encompass all aspects of business. This has produced not only opportunities and challenges, but also whole new paradigms in doing business. It’s easy for businesses today, faced with ever-expanding sets of technologies applicable to more and more areas of their business, to confuse trees with woods.

Gates’ point, when applied to automation, or any specific area, is obvious. But the words can have a deeper meaning: the importance of the core business.

Your technology strategy should be based on the deepest and most comprehensive understanding of your business. While a slew of tech advisories have sprung up in recent years to serve this space, finding the right mix remains a challenge for most businesses.

Madan Mohan, Director, Technology Risk Consulting

Madan Mohan, Director, Technology Risk Consulting

At MBG Corporate Services, where our technology consulting practice is rooted in cross-functional domain expertise, we outline the three Ps below – large critical areas that businesses need to focus on:

Protection (Security)

Your business adds new data security risks with each critical technology layer, for example, through third-party stacks in the supply chain. Not only do you need to protect your data, but also properly assess the cost-benefit ratio of the proposed solutions vis-à-vis the business.

Our solutions are based on a thorough audit and gap assessment of your IT infrastructure and protocol, rigorous penetration testing, and input from experts in the field.

Our approach revolves around the two streams of information security standards compliance and cybersecurity offerings. Some highlights include:

Information security standards

  • ISO 27001 Certification: Implementing ISO 27001 certification — the global standard for all information security management systems of legal, physical, and technical controls for businesses.
  • ADHICS: Compliance with the UAE Abu Dhabi Healthcare Information and Cyber ​​Security (ADHICS) standard for Abu Dhabi-based healthcare entities.
  • NESA: Complies with the UAE National Electronic Security Authority (NESA) Mission Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) Protection

Cybersecurity offers

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT): A full range of penetration tests on your company’s infrastructure, applications, mobile security, and wireless security configuration.
  • Security Architecture Review: Comprehensive review of your cybersecurity architecture and design.


Data privacy – the combination of legal, compliance, technology and security factors around the collection, storage and use of consumer data – is one of the hottest buzzwords around the world. today. The growing awareness and concern about it has led to a slew of privacy legislation that businesses must follow. Our technology team helps you achieve all major compliances such as:

  • HIPPA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act: The US federal law on national standards for protecting sensitive patient health information.
  • GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation: the EU law, perhaps the best known in the world, which obliges companies to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens.
  • ADGM Data Act: Abu Dhabi’s Global Markets Data Act carries non-compliance penalties of up to $28 million, the highest in the region.
  • DIFC Data Law, UAE Data Privacy Law: Two other very important laws of UAE origin (among others).

Compliance with privacy regulations is critically important, not only because non-compliance carries severe penalties, but also because it has implications for goodwill and brand equity – factors key in a world of increasingly socially conscious and ethically conscious consumers.

Our teams deliver comprehensive A-Z compliance roadmaps including everything from stakeholder engagement and communication, cross-border data transfer assessment and data flow mapping, to work and corporate culture.


While ‘protection’ and ‘privacy’ can be seen as ‘defensive gifts’, ‘process’ is about proactively leveraging technology to drive business results. The process encompasses several elements, such as data analysis, functional management, ERP, CRM, etc. Our technology consultancy has strong offerings on all of these. In this article, we discuss automation – a results driver for big business today. Specifically:

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)): Software programmed to perform basic, simple and repetitive tasks such as data entry, reporting, invoicing and after-sales support. This not only reduces costs and time, but also frees up resources for higher value-added activities. Our experts identify the tasks for RPA, develop a proof of concept, determine the operating model, select partners and drive the execution roadmap.

Business Process Reengineering (BPR): It’s about redesigning and streamlining processes through automation to unlock greater customer value and higher margins for the business. While RPA focuses on discrete tasks, BPR is about larger-scale automation of entire processes. This is usually higher cost and higher lockout. Our services include change management, process identification and optimization, benchmarking and documentation, and execution.

Earn with MBG Corporate Services

Our technology consultancy has over fifteen departments within and between these Ps. As a highly regarded business consultancy firm, our technology consultancy is supported by high quality experts from our other verticals, including audit and insurance, risk, legal, tax, mergers and acquisitions and strategy.

We ensure that the focus is on the “Business” in the “Business Technology” – your business.

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