Stobox launches STO for income producing properties


Stobox, a large-scale tokenization provider, launches STO for Cash Flow Coin.

Tokenization is a great method for the investor to get a higher and faster return on investment, as well as for the owner to get paid for their work and investment in the property.

— Gene Deyev, CEO of Stobox

NEW YORK, USA, October 6, 2022 / — The company was started by an experienced property investment entrepreneur with a long history of providing respective investment opportunities to his clients and dealing with 8-figure valuation portfolios.

The CFC token gives investors the opportunity to invest in real estate reversals: the company will buy distressed objects, renovate them and resell them at a higher price. Provided that the real estate market is currently in a recession, the opportunity presented opens a new door for individual inventors to expand their portfolios.

The token conditions are noticeably beneficial. They offer:

10% annual income;
Additional revenue through the ability for a company to buy back tokens from investors;
Liquidation preference: when the company is liquidated, investors will receive at least the amount invested.

By turning to Stoboxthe CFC team will capitalize on its intention to deliver high yields and provide investors with ample downside protection at the same time.

Award-winning tokenization provider Stobox has fully tokenized its shares and made them available for purchase through a security token sale. The company provides a variety of tokenization and cryptocurrency-related goods and services, including Digital Assets Exchange, DS Dashboard, DS Swap, ETH/BSC Bridge, and management and advisory services.

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