Soul Goblin BGMI ID, Stats, Ranking, BMPS Performance, YouTube Earnings and More Details (June 2022)


Harsh “Goblin” Paudwal is one of the most popular BGMI players in India. He made a name for himself after becoming the MVP of the BMPS tournament.

His insane spotting skills and control over his sprays helped him perform consistently in tournaments and scrims. Some experts also compare him to a legend like Jonathan. He is also a YouTube streamer and has a dedicated following on the platform.

BGMI Goblin Star Performance Details In Ongoing Cycle 2 Season 6

Seasonal stats and rankings

Soul Goblin's stats in Season 6 Cycle 2 Ongoing (Image via Krafton)
Soul Goblin’s stats in Season 6 Cycle 2 Ongoing (Image via Krafton)

In the new cycle 2 of season 6, Goblin has reached the Platinum V level, collection 2749 seasonal peaks.

The ace aggressor played 22 classic matches in TPP Squad mode and won 4 Chicken dinners. He reached the top 10 in 8 games alongside his teammates.

The MVP BMPS managed to inflict a total damage of 18333.1with an average damage of 833.3. Additionally, it maintained an F/D ratio of 5.32 and surpassed 117 enemies.

Goblin’s insane gun skills are reflected in his headshot percentage 23.9. It also has an average survival time of 6.8 minutes. His best performance in the new C2S6 was in a match where he had 15 finishes and treated 2385 damage.

Note: Goblin stats were recorded at the time of writing and are subject to change.


Goblin’s stellar performance in the recently concluded BGMI tournament BMPS 2022 Season 1 helped him attract a huge number of fans.

Fans can search his profile using his UID – 5292595691or its popular IGN – SoulGobLiN.

YouTube income

As the main aggressor of Team Soul, Goblin is one of the highest paid esports athletes in India. He also earns a lot of money from tournaments and scrims. However, the pro gamer’s main source of income is his popular YouTube channel, which currently has over 286,000 subscribers.

According to statistics provided by Social Blade, Goblin generated revenue between $645 and $10,300 in the last 30 days on his YouTube channel. He has also accumulated more than 43K subscribers at this time. These numbers should increase rapidly in the near future if he continues to maintain his momentum.

BMP performance

Goblin turned in the best performance of his esports career so far in the recently concluded BMPS 2022 Season 1. Displaying insane assault skills, he decimated his opponents in every game.

He even set a record by being the first BGMI player to cross the 100 kill mark during the league stages of an official tournament. He also became the Grand Finals MVP, earning 71 eliminations in just 48 matches.

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