Sinimbo satisfied with the resumption of commercial activities


Deputy Trade and Industrialization Minister Verna Sinimbo said last week that she was happy to observe the resumption of business activities in SMEs and industrial parks following the severe impact of Covid-19. She made the observation when she concluded familiarization visits to the Khorixas and Opuwo SME and industrial parks in the Kunene region on Wednesday.

She further welcomed the recent completion of the industrial parks in Opuwo which will soon be available for traders to start operating their businesses, and encouraged entrepreneurs to apply and use the parks to further enhance their income. .

The purpose of Sinimbo’s visit was to observe the economic activities undertaken in the various SMEs and industrial parks in the Kunene region, run by the SME Development Implementation Agency under the Ministry of Commerce, the Agency Namibian Industrial Development Agency (NIDA).

During his visit to Khorixas on Monday, Sinimbo noted that business operations had been slow since the Covid-19 pandemic, but traders remained hopeful, engaged and dedicated. She advised business owners who had experienced declining profits to diversify their businesses by identifying in-demand opportunities within the local community.

Some of the traders who have been operating in different business units of the SME park since its inception thanked the government for the initial aid in equipment and production machinery. This assistance was received through several support programs such as the Equipment Assistance Program (EAS), which assisted MSMEs engaged in manufacturing and value-added business activities.

The Deputy Minister also visited the SME Park in Opuwo, where the SME units were fully occupied and operational, prompting her to remark that it is “a sign of good business opportunity in the city. This is a positive indication that economic activities are thriving in the town of Opuwo, and these traders need our full support.”

Sinimbo familiarization tours started on July 25, 2022 and are part of the planned activities to visit the 14 regions of the country. She has so far visited 13 regions including Kunene since 2020.

It is through the Sites and Premises program that the Ministry of Commerce continues to deliver on its mandate to provide a conducive business environment by developing commercial and industrial infrastructure such as multi-purpose SME modules, industrial parks and business centers. common facilities. These facilities are made available to business operators, especially SMEs, at affordable rental rates.

Sinimbo also officiated at the opening of the Omuthiya Othitayi Festival and Career Fair with the aim of boosting business opportunities in the city as part of an entertaining, interactive and immersive marketing and networking opportunity for locals and visitors.

At the same event in Omuthiya, she facilitated exchanges with stakeholders and the business community, where she encouraged the public, especially those trading informally, to formalize their business registrations with the Authority. of Business and Intellectual Property (BIPA) to enjoy the privileges and benefits that comes with legalizing a business.

Today, August 1, 2022, Sinimbo will embark on a site visit to Tsumeb Industrial Park as the last stop of this expedition.

“Given the struggling economy due to Covid-19 and the effects of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, the ministry recognizes the vital role in the effective and efficient development of the SME sector. putting in place appropriate policies and programs, making land available for business development, creating rental-friendly infrastructure at affordable rental rates and setting up a model best practices for SMEs to grow and prosper with key employment outcomes creating and growing the economy,” reads a ministerial statement.

2022-08-01 Staff reporter


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