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Thirteen months ended December 31, 2021

The company recorded revenues of over $21 million, net income of ($10 million), EBITDA of ($8.2 million) and adjusted EBITDA of ($1.7 million). Total operating expenses for the period ended December 31, 2021 were $6.5 million, largely due to professional fees related to various legal and accounting activities for the reverse takeover (RTO ) and an acquisition made during the period. The Company also recorded a non-cash amortization cost of $2 million related to the Company’s equipment, right-of-use and intangible assets acquired during the period. Another significant item of note is the $1.7 million RTO listing expense representing ScreenPro’s costs to obtain listing on the CSE. The company’s cash flow decline of ($238,288) is due to the company’s investment in the purchase of $1.6 million of Covid-19 testing inventory and $797,148 of goods and laboratory equipment for operations to drive business and profits.

“The company has built a solid and successful foundation for Covid testing. Prominent film and production companies across Canada trust ScreenPro to keep them safe throughout the pandemic. As the need for Covid testing grows this year we look forward to focusing on not only accelerating our testing services, but also diversifying the company into other health screening products that will be just as profitable as Covid testing,” said Lena Kozovski , CEO of the company.

“We continued our core business momentum and entered 2022 with strong Covid testing numbers. We are proud of our team who achieved record revenues from Covid testing, which generated revenues of over 21 The Company is focused on aligning with our shareholders to maximize shareholder value and continue to be opportunistic and expand our product offerings in 2022,” said Michael Yeung, Chairman of the Company.

The following is selected financial information for the financial results ending December 31, 2021. Please see the entire Fourth Quarter 2021 filing, which is available under ScreenPro’s profile at

Financial highlights for thirteen months, financial results ended December 31, 2021:

December 31, 2021
Total assets $4,887,202
Total current liabilities $3,969,395
Total responsibilities $4,041,199
Revenue $21,224,967

The following table summarizes revenue, net loss, EBITDA* and adjusted EBITDA* for the years ended December 31, 2021 and 2020. All figures are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise indicated:

December 31, 2021 November 30, 2020
Net loss ($10,156,501) ($1,040,231)
Depreciation and amortization $1,995,787 $45,769
EBITDA ($8,160,714) ($994,462)
Base compensation in shares $548,500
Excess consideration paid on net assets acquired $4,777,912
Registration fees $1,658,745
Adjusted EBITDA ($1,724,057) ($445,962)


The company’s financial performance improved greatly in the third and fourth quarters, driven by growth from its core business in Covid testing. The tests continue to have strong demand, which further improves the Company’s financial situation. From December 2021 to March 2022, the Company administered approximately 82,636 Covid tests. In the first quarter of 2022, ScreenPro saw continued growth in its test count.

The test numbers are as follows:

  • December 2021 resulted in a total of 14,202 Covid-19 tests
  • January 2022 resulted in a total of 19,446 Covid-19 tests
  • February 2022 resulted in a total of 23,655 Covid-19 tests
  • March 2022 resulted in a total of 25,333 Covid-19 tests

Due to the company’s focus on the film industry, strong testing revenue is expected in 2022 as the company does not foresee any near-term process change in the film industry. ScreenPro recently announced that as of April 8, 2022, the company has secured a total of 21 new productions so far for the first quarter of FY22. As Canadians deal with an increase in COVID-19 cases, the company remains focused in 2022 to further capitalize on testing services as there is increased demand for testing in the film and production industry and in the community.

The company continues to diversify its product and service offerings and expects significant growth as it expands further into the medical screening space with the acquisition of Add Biomedical.Add bio”) and potentially other future opportunities. Add Bio has recently submitted applications to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) and United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and plans to enter the breast cancer screening industry.

The Board of Directors has mandated ScreenPro management to continue to focus on revenue growth and improve profitability in 2022 through product and service diversification. Strategies to achieve the goals would include organic growth of its subsidiaries, acquisitions, mergers or joint ventures of businesses that are synergistic and have potential value for ScreenPro. The Company anticipates an exciting 2022 filled with activity from its operational and corporate objectives, in particular the growth of its Covid testing and its expansion into other testing products and services that will be profitable and add value. of the society.

About Screen Pro

ScreenPro is a medical screening and technology company that provides turnkey screening solutions with its proprietary medical alert software. ScreenPro’s unique access to several manufacturers of high-quality test kits and its strategic partnership with laboratories in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec allow ScreenPro to be a national full-service testing provider. COVID and breast cancer screening solutions across Canada. Additionally, ScreenPro has its own doctor and nursing professionals with field support staff and transportation, with access to high quality PPE to ensure customers are protected in all aspects of their health needs. test.

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