RIBER: Turnover at the end of September 2022: €12.2 million


Turnover at the end of September 2022: €12.2 million

  • Third quarter systems revenue impacted by difficulties in supplying electronic components
  • Order book at September 30, 2022 at a high level: €39.1m (+93%)

BezonsOctober 31, 2022 – 8:00 a.m. – RIBER, world leader in equipment for the semiconductor industry, publishes its turnover for the year to the end of September 2022.

Income variation

€m 2022 2021 To change
first quarter 2.4 3.2 -25%
second quarter 6.8 6.0 +13%
Third quarter 3.0 6.6 -55%
Total turnover over 9 months 12.2 15.8 -23%
To September 30 (€m) 2022 2021 To change
Systems 3.7 7.5 -51%
Services and accessories 8.5 8.3 +2%
Total turnover over 9 months 12.2 15.8 -23%

MBE systems revenue amounted to €3.7m for the first nine months of the year, down 51% due to the postponement of the delivery of two systems to the fourth quarter in a context of difficulties supply of electronic components.

Revenue from services and accessories increased by 2% to €8.5 million, confirming the good momentum of MBE research and production activities.

Overall, revenue at September 30, 2022 amounted to €12.2 million, down 23% compared to September 30, 2021.

The breakdown of revenue at the end of September 2022 is as follows: 56% for Asia, 37% for Europe and 7% for North America.

Evolution of the order book

To September 30 (€m) 2022 2021 To change
Systems 31.4 12.6 +149%
Services and accessories 7.7 7.7
Total order book 39.1 20.3 +93%

After the positive trend of the first half of 2022, RIBER consolidated its market position during the third quarter, materializing four system orders, including two production systems, while continuing to focus its development on services and accessories.

The order book at September 30, 2022 amounted to €39.1 million, up 93% compared to September 30, 2021.

The systems backlog is up 149% at €31.4m, based on six production systems, compared to two in 2021, and eight research systems, compared to five in 2021. It does not include i) the order announced on October 25 for a research system and ii) the option to purchase announced on June 8 for four production machines whose firm orders will be confirmed in 2023 when the export license is obtained.

The order book for services and accessories remains at a high level with €7.7 million.


In a climate of international supply tensions, RIBER is doing its utmost to achieve a turnover in 2022 close to last year’s level.

The high level of the current order book already ensures strong growth in 2023 revenue of more than €40 million.

In a dynamic market environment with strong demand for the company’s systems, RIBER should continue to take orders during the fourth quarter of 2022.

Next meeting : The 2022 annual turnover will be published on Tuesday January 31, 2023 (before market).


RIBER is the world market leader in MBE – Molecular Beam Epitaxy equipment. It designs and produces MBE systems and evaporators for the semiconductor industry. It also provides technical and scientific support for its customers, the maintenance of their equipment and the optimization of their performance and yield. Thanks to its high-tech equipment, RIBER plays a vital role in the development of advanced semiconductor systems that are used in many consumer applications, from information technology to 5G telecommunications networks, OLED displays and cells. new generation solar panels.
RIBER is an innovative company approved by BPI France and listed on the Euronext Growth Paris market (ISIN: FR0000075954).


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