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The travel industry’s post-pandemic recovery continues to gain momentum, with TravelManagers Australia revealing its May 2022 sales figures were up 92% from the same period in 2019.

COO Grant Campbell said the numbers paint an even brighter picture at the individual level, with average sales per personal travel manager (PTM) in May at their highest level on record.

“Additionally, the average revenue per PTM – based on commissions and service fees – in May is also at an all-time high,” he added.

While this recovery may seem miraculous, Campbell points out that it’s the culmination of a lot of hard work behind the scenes during the pandemic.

According to Campbell, with the support of the TravelManagers (NPO) National Partnership Office, PTMs have been working on their businesses, fine-tuning their systems and product knowledge while focusing on the domestic market and waiting for when customers will start again. to look beyond Australia. for their next travel fix.

The reaction of Melanie Whyte, who is the TravelManagers representative for Devonport, Tasmania, sums up the sentiment shared by PTMs across Australia.

“Wow, what just happened? I think May has been the busiest I’ve had in 22 years of work! she commented.

“38 people in Europe, thirteen in the United States, four in the Pacific Islands, one in Asia and countless people in Australia: that makes me happy!

Whyte said that although it has become necessary to navigate new (and often changing) post-pandemic rules relating to testing, certification, passenger declarations and more, its customers are happy to trust its ability to ensure all bases are covered. .

“I have to tell my clients that if they are planning to go in 2022, they need to book now. European summer is almost sold out for flights, the United States is not far behind, and the whole world seems to have this huge buzz now that we are allowed to travel.

Featured Image: Tasmanian Personal Travel Manager – Melanie Whyte


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