Revenue Inspectors Field Verification Not Needed for Income and Legal Heir Certificates – The New Indian Express


By Express press service

CHENNAI: As part of a major administrative reform, the Revenue Department has eliminated the century-old practice of Revenue Inspectors (RIs) carrying out on-the-spot checks when issuing certificates of income and legal heirs.

According to the revised verification system which came into force in all districts except Chennai from June 1, IRs will no longer be required to carry out a second field verification after verification reports have been issued to them. been transmitted by the administrative agents of the village, for all requests related to income certificates. and certificates of legal heir.

“Applications that require mandatory re-verification by an RI would be screened by the eSevai application,” said MA Siddique, Commissioner for Tax Administration, in his recent order issued to District Collectors.

“Selected cases will be displayed in red in the list of tasks assigned to an online IR. Other applications will be highlighted in green. For applications marked as green category tasks, the IR does not need to undertake any re-verification on the ground,” added Siddique.

The revenue department did not explain the criteria by which apps are marked red or green. However, this decision should reduce delays in the distribution of income and certificates of legal heir. Currently, due to the large number of applications, IRs are unable to perform field checks for all applications and approve the VAO report online to close the application on time.

Siddique said the new system is being introduced on a pilot basis only for income and legal heir certificates. “Based on this experience, the system will also be extended to other certificates,” he said. However, Siddique warned of harsh disciplinary action against RIs if they did not re-check certain applications marked in red.

Some of the tax officials called the move a face-saving attempt by the government, as it is almost impossible to conduct field checks for all applications. “The boundaries of districts and taluks have been redrawn over the past 50 years, but the jurisdiction of IRs has not been streamlined with the increase in population. Several new regimes are introduced but the strength of IRs n “has not been increased. Except for community certificates and social security schemes, the need for field verification should be reviewed for all other documents,” said an RI.


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