New source of income for truckers: advertising on trucks


WEST MONROE, La., July 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — It’s never been easy being a trucker, but lately things have been worse than normal. Soaring diesel prices have made saving nearly impossible for independent operators. Now a new company, Extra Mile Ads, is giving truckers a little good news: the chance to earn extra income by advertising on their trucks.

Charles Mortonthe co-founder of Extra Mile Ads, explains that “Every truck driver knows they’re towing a 53-foot double-sided billboard and billboards don’t come cheap.” The average cost of a billboard ranges from $1,312 in a month in Nebraska at an average of $8,480 in New Yorkbut there is no market for advertising on trucks.

Traceable results

Extra Miles Ads’ proprietary software allows advertisers to track every ad. This allows advertisers to see which truck generated a sale in real time and add additional assets in that area.

“Our goal is to drive sales, not just views,” Morton explained. The advertisements will be polymer stickers that can be placed directly on the trucks by the driver, and the advertisements will be sales-oriented.

Extra Mile Ads believes advertisers will pay a premium for their service because, except for a small setup fee to cover printing and shipping the ad to the truck driver, advertisers only pay currently only for the results.

This is a different strategy from traditional billboard advertising. This is only made possible by recent technological developments, and Extra Mile believes it will appeal to both advertisers and truckers alike.

How much will truckers earn?

This problem is tricky. “I could tell the truckers are going to do $5000 a month. That would entice a lot of drivers to sign up, but lying is no way to start a business.” Morton explains that Extra Mile is about building trust between truckers.

“Our driving partners are essential. They will earn a percentage of what the company earns on each sale and sometimes offer-based bonuses and they will be paid on time,” Morton explained, noting that many offers will include lifetime commissions to drivers who stay in the program. Earnings will depend on the advertising campaigns in which drivers participate, the number of kilometers they travel and the region in which they operate.

However, Morton is optimistic for the long term: “It’s going to start slowly, but I think some drivers will eventually win. $1,500 a month or more. First, they need to recruit enough truckers to be viable. “We have to have the trucks.

Pilot registration

Extra Mile has already piqued the interest of some advertisers, but to really get the business started, they need truckers to sign up. “We need to be able to approach advertisers with our offer and for that we need trucks.”

Morton hopes drivers appreciate his honesty, go to Extra Miles driver registration and register. “It’s a simple process. It only takes a few minutes and there’s no commitment.”

Drivers always have 100% control over what they display on their truck.

Signing up as a driving partner simply makes drivers eligible to learn about possible ad campaigns. “Drive partners will simply receive text messages and emails about upcoming ad campaigns. If they’re interested, they apply for this campaign,” Morton explained.

“Hopefully it will be a win-win situation for everyone, but until we register enough trucks to test the model, we will never know.”


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