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Green light (rather)

Microsoft has has published its financial details for the first quarter of its fiscal year – Although the stats are somewhat mixed, it has been a meaningful and positive season for the Xbox brand, with strong hardware sales leading to an overall revenue increase of approximately 11% of a year to year. year.

The continuous economic crisis was difficult for Microsoft, which has experienced a decline in many of its sectors. Windows operating software revenue fell 15%, while Xbox game sales also fell 3%, which is much more manageable. The decline in game sales is likely due to the global cost of living crisis, as well as increased interest in the subscription service Xbox Game Pass. Thus, even if Xbox game sales are declining, there is something to say about Game Pass’s growth.

Xbox Series XS Microsoft Financial income

More positive news came in the form of the publisher’s Intelligent Cloud server division, which saw revenue rise 20% year-over-year. As mentioned earlier, much of Xbox’s decline has been offset by growth in Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S console sales. Xbox hardware sales and engagement with the Xbox Game Pass service – which now has more than 20 million subscribers – will clearly seek to continue while Microsoft continues this continuous drop in customer spending.

Of course, the most negative elements of the report are hardly about to put the business bankrupt. Microsoft’s overall revenue for the period still stands at around $50 billion, while its net profit, even with a whopping 14% drop, still saw the company pull in around $17.6 billion. of dollars. MS is not going to seek the change of soon.

Also note that the publisher recently licensee hundreds of employees on all of its workforce. In addition, MS remains resolved to request the approval of its Acquisition of $ 68.7 billion from Activision Blizzard.

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