Long An Province Business Resumption Plan – Coronavirus (COVID-19)


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Long An province has released a business resumption plan. It contains information on business and employee requirements for businesses to resume operations. The authorities intend to have a 2-phase reopening, but the plan only contains details for the first phase from 16/9 to 15/10, not yet for 15/10.

Since the fourth wave of the COVID-19 outbreak in Vietnam on April 27, 2021, Long An province has been one of the most severe pandemic centers. It has recorded a very high number of positive cases. From the first half of September, provincial pandemic prevention achieved positive results. F0 cases and deaths have dropped significantly, while almost everyone has been vaccinated.

Therefore, in the context of mitigating the pandemic, the People’s Committee (PC) of Long An Province issued Plan No. 2962/KH-UBND on September 13, 2021 (Recovery Plan). This recovery plan helps to recover and resume production and business activities of enterprises in Long An province.

1. Key takeaways for businesses

The recovery plan aims to achieve a “double objective” – ​​the prevention of the pandemic must be implemented in accordance with economic development. Responsibility for preventing and controlling the pandemic is gradually shifting from state authorities to businesses and citizens. Companies allowed to operate under the stimulus plan in Long An province should strictly comply with pandemic prevention regulations under relevant laws and guidance from relevant authorities (Authorities).

The recovery plan will be implemented in two phases, starting on September 15, 2021. For each phase, companies will have to comply with specific obligations as defined in the recovery plan.

2. Phases of the recovery plan

2.1 Phase 1: from 15/9/ to 15/10/2021

2.1.1 Group of companies authorized to operate

The following companies can operate during this phase:

  • Companies that have followed and have been certified for the “3-On-Site-Model”;

  • Companies whose activities fall within the production and sale of essential products and services as stipulated in official letter n° 4481/BCT-TTTN of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of July 27, 2021; Where

  • Companies participating in the global supply chain (as subsidiaries, branches, representative offices of multinational enterprises).

2.1.2 Employee employment and management requirements

All employees involved in on-site production activities must meet the following conditions:

  • Reside in Long An province; employees who are professional experts or in managerial positions must manage the business remotely, and in case they need to enter Long An from other provinces, such employees must comply with the security regulations issued by authorities and must reside in Long An following the guidelines of the authorities;

  • Be fully vaccinated or have received the first shot of the vaccine at least 14 days before the start date; and

  • Have received negative test results for COVID-19 by RT-PCR method performed within 72 hours prior to start date.

2.1.3 Requirements for companies

Companies must meet the following conditions:

  • Strictly comply with regulations regarding the prevention of COVID-19 in accordance with laws and directives of health authorities;

  • Only use up to 50% of employees compared to the pre-COVID total;

  • Arrange for employees to remain on-site following the “3-on-site model” and “on-site-medical” or stay at home, or both;

If employees stay at home, companies provide vehicles and have a meeting point to pick up half-vaccinated employees. Assembly point, driver information, vehicle number, route information must be registered with the authorities. Companies will ensure compliance with the regulations relating to the prevention of pandemics enacted as part of the transport recovery plan. Fully vaccinated employees could use their private vehicle;

  • Provide the list of employees to the Authorities within 3 days of the date of re-operation;

  • Cooperate with the Authorities during the operation of the company in the management of the employees on site, and ensure that the employees comply with the regulations on the prevention of the pandemic when returning to their homes.

  • Set up specialized areas to quarantine F0 and F1.

  • Establish medical services to control the disease situation in the premises of enterprises. If companies cannot do this, they must contract with medical institutions for the same purpose.

2.1.4 Perform COVID-19 testing

During operation, companies should conduct periodic COVID-19 testing for employees as follows:

  • Employees who regularly have direct contact with outsiders are subject to rapid antibody tests or RT-PCR tests (single sample or pooled samples of up to 10 people) at least once every 7 days.

  • Other employees are subject to rapid rotation tests for antibodies or RT-PCR tests (single sample or pooled samples from no more than 10 people) at least once every 7 days. Each time, at least 20% of the employees of this group must be tested.

2.1.5 Positive cases

If an employee becomes an F0, companies should promptly:

  • Notify the health authorities and competent authorities concerned;

  • Stop its operation. If enterprises include separate departments, factories, production lines, only the relevant area should cease operations and the remaining departments can continue to operate;

  • Quarantine these F0 employees and search for F1, F2 cases.

After completing (i) quarantine of F0 employees for treatment, (ii) quarantine and tracing of F1, F2 cases, and (iii) disinfection of work areas and testing for other employees, businesses can operate again.

2.1.6 General obligations

In the event of an outbreak of COVID-19 due to an objective reason, the companies are solely responsible for the management and prevention of the pandemic and bear all costs and expenses arising therefrom. On the other hand, if there is an outbreak of COVID-19 for a subjective reason, in addition to the obligations to bear all the resulting costs and expenses, companies will be subject to penalties by law.

2.2 Phase 2: from 15/10/2021

Regulations for this phase are not yet provided in the recovery plan. Depending on the development of the pandemic, the CP of Long An Province will issue further regulations.

Originally published September 20, 2021

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide on the subject. Specialist advice should be sought regarding your particular situation.

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