Is it important to look beyond stock market earnings? Veye’s


Veye analysts believe so. Because income does not repay loans, cash flow does. Stock markets operate on certain principles that have not changed since. What has changed is human behavior.
One of these principles is that when buyers are not buying aggressively and short sellers are reluctant, markets could be close to fair value.
The other is to have a long-term view. You can have a bad day but a winning week, a bad week but a winning month, a bad month but a winning year.
Stock markets are often cyclical. The sector once in vogue not so long ago could find itself out of favor now. Investors just have to manage the risk, the markets will manage the reward.
On the brighter side right now, Australian retail spending rose 0.9% month-on-month in May, the fifth consecutive monthly increase and a new all-time high, beating economists’ expectations. According to quarterly economy-wide statistics, growth in five of six retail industries in May is evidence that spending remains resilient.
The data also reflects that Australian consumers continued to spend despite soaring inflation. Although good for consumer stocks, transportation and logistics costs could be a thorn in the flesh.
“The biggest gains are made in the early stages of the new uptrend. Never give up in bear markets because the smartest opportunities appear in young bull markets. That is why in such a scenario, when markets are so turbulent, sage advice is much sought after, whether you are looking for value or growth,” said Varun Ratra, Director, Veye Pty Ltd.

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