Intel halts business operations in Russia as it voices support for Ukraine


Renowned US-based chipmaker Intel joins the list of tech companies that have ceased business in Russia amid the country’s ongoing conflict with Ukraine.

According to the latest report, the hardware maker has announced that it is now officially suspending product sales in the said country just one month after halting deliveries to its Russian and Belarusian customers.

Intel suspends commercial services in Russia

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Intel is the latest Western company to join a long list of tech companies condemning Russia’s actions amid the invasion of Ukraine.

On Wednesday, April 5, Reuters reported that Intel is the latest Western tech titan to shut down its business venture in Russia. Previously, many companies have done the same to condemn the country’s actions towards its neighboring country, Ukraine.

In the official statement released by the firm earlier this week, Intel said it was calling for a “swift” peace process amid the Russian-Ukrainian brawl. The company said it will continue to provide support to affected employees who are stranded in war-torn cities.

Specifically, Intel is also pledging to support 1,200 Russian workers to avoid further disruption to its current business operations. In doing so, the chipmaker ensures that it always implements business continuity.

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Tech companies that have suspended operations in Russia

According to a story of Techcrunch, Intel isn’t the only company to voice support for Ukraine amid the fighting. The tech publication wrote that Cupertino titan Apple also shut down its business venture amid the invasion.

Apart from this, the Silicon Valley company, General Electric, Adobe and AMD also took the bold step of cutting ties with Russia over the issue.

Even music streaming giant Spotify has halted its services in the region. News of the shutdown of business services also reached the BBC, ABC and CNN, which then sanctioned Russia.

In another Tech Times report last month, Sony Entertainment announced that it was blocking its Russian customers from streaming clips in Crunchyroll. Following this decision, some film releases have also been temporarily suspended.

Indeed, Sony supports Ukraine. The video game company has pledged to donate $2 million to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and Save the Children.

On top of that, Niantic has released its “Pokemon GO” service in Russia and Belarus. At this point, users based in said countries can no longer download this AR adventure game.

The punishment for players even got worse when Niantic did it not only in “Pokemon Go”. It was mentioned in the report that “Ingress” and “Pikmin Bloom” were to be unavailable as part of a nationwide suspension.

Following the announcement, some Russian gamers said on Twitter that Niantic’s decision was unfair to those who are just “consumers” of the game.

One person wrote that the game company should reconsider this decision because only those who are not in favor of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict will be affected.

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