How the Right Network Equipment Can Boost Business Operations Overnight


Why good Wi-Fi is essential for business operations

“More often than not, what we experience is simply a loss of network connection,” says Wayne Shuster, service manager at Hansel Ford. This is a big problem for automotive service technicians because modern cars are sophisticated and require network-connected diagnostic equipment to identify and fix problems.

“We need this network to communicate with the vehicles and then connect to Ford over this wireless network,” Shuster says. “We also use tablets in the workshop, and these tablets are used to record vehicle specifications during routine maintenance.”

Mikayla Lopez, customer experience manager for Hansel Auto Group, said she often had to use her mobile phone as a wireless hotspot when shooting videos for Hansel’s social media accounts and performing other aspects of his work.

“It was pretty frustrating to get kicked off the network or have this really slow latency,” Lopez says. “It was really difficult.”

The problem was compounded by the fact that Hansel had a mix of network technologies from different vendors installed in different locations – and the fact that some of this equipment was managed by a third party while other parts were managed by internal staff, led by IT manager Joshua Demitro.

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Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi 6 gear offers a major upgrade

Demitro decided to deploy Cisco Meraki networking technology and Wi-Fi 6 access points at all Hansel sites. This decision allowed the company to dispense with its third-party provider and easily manage the network in-house.

“We were really confident in the tools that the Cisco Meraki platform gave us,” says Demitro. “It gave us all the tools we needed to feel confident to handle it on our own without having to go through too much complexity. The product included all the tools we really needed to solve problems and maintain the infrastructure security.

Wi-Fi 6 technology enables much faster connection speeds and up to 75% less latency. Thanks to the introduction in Wi-Fi 6 of orthogonal frequency division multiple access, which allows the transmission of signals from routers and access points to several endpoints at the same time, Wi-Fi 6 communicates better with multiple devices than previous generations of Wi-Fi technology.

For Hansel, the results were immediate.

“It’s much better,” Lopez said. “I can actually use Wi-Fi so it’s great for someone managing social media accounts. I don’t hear a lot of complaints from our customers anymore and our sales people are very grateful for that.


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