Here’s When You’ll Get Illinois Income Tax and Property Tax Refunds


Whether it’s accumulating savings or making early holiday purchases, many Illinoisans will receive extra spending money starting in September through the Illinois Family Relief Plan.

Depending on how your taxes were filed, refunds of up to $300 could end up in your wallet through two separate tax refunds: the personal income tax refund and the property tax.

Why is this discount issued?

The Illinois Family Assistance Plan became law in April after Governor JB Pritzker signed it and includes several provisions such as the recent school tax holiday. The plan was part of the $46.5 billion state budget, approved by a 34-19 Senate and 72-42 House vote.

No more news:Governor JB Pritzker signs $46.5 billion budget, including rebates and checks to Illinois taxpayers

Ongoing tax holidays include pausing the planned gas tax increase – in effect until January 2023 – and suspending the 1% sales tax on groceries until 30 June 2023. The estimated tax relief under the plan, according to the governor’s office, exceeds $1.8. billion.

When and how will my money arrive?

As of September 12, money will begin to be issued across the state and will continue for several months.

Refunds are paid automatically to taxpayers and will be distributed in the same manner as the original income tax refunds. However, if a taxpayer has not received a tax return, the remittance will be sent by paper check to their most recent address.

It is also possible to follow the status of remittances online by filing a “Where’s my refund?“. The request asks for name, social security number or tax identification number and adjusted gross income for 2021.

How much money will I receive?

The amount of the rebate depends on how the individual filed their 2021 IL-1040 for income tax rebate and 2021 IL-1040 and Schedule ICR (Illinois Tax Credit) for property tax rebate .

A person filing as single will receive a $50 refund and couples will receive a $100 refund for personal income tax refund. For the property tax rebate, the amount equals the property tax credit associated with IL-1040 2021.

The maximum for income and property tax rebates is $300, with up to three dependents eligible as dependents for the income tax rebate.

Am I eligible for this refund?

Residency and income requirements are attached to income and property tax refunds. Both require in-state residency from 2021, with the property tax refund requiring a 2021 payment of state property taxes on a 2020 primary residence.

There are, however, differences in the adjusted gross income standards between the two discounts. If you are filing jointly, $500,000 is the maximum income allowed to receive the property tax refund while $400,000 is the limit for income tax refunds.

Single filers can have adjusted gross earnings of $200,000 for income and $250,000 for property tax refund.

I have not yet deposited my IL-1040 2021. Is it too late to me?

Although discounts will be issued in the coming weeks, the deadline to submit the 2021 IL-1040 is not until October 17. Forms can be submitted electronically via MyTax Illinois or through a paper form to be submitted to the Illinois Department of Revenue.


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