Generix Group today publishes its turnover for the 2021/2022 financial year



Paris, April 22, 2022

2021/2022 revenue growth: +5%

New SaaS contracts 2021/2022: +17%

Generic Groupprovider of industrial, logistics and retail ecosystems with leading collaborative SaaS solutionspublishs today its turnover for the 2021/2022 financial year.

2021/2022 income:84.5 million (+5%)

Quarter ended
March, 31st
Switch 12 months ended
March, 31st
Unaudited (K€) 2022 2021 2022 2021
SaaS 9,356 8,180 14% 34,548 32,252 7%
Maintenance 4,483 4,562 -2% 18,477 18,051 2%
Licenses 1,686 1,412 19% 4,939 4,246 16%
Software revenue 15,525 14,154 ten% 57,964 54,549 6%
Consulting services 6,959 7,265 -4% 26,539 25,707 3%
Revenue 22,484 21,419 5% 84,503 80,256 5%

Turnover for the year is in line with the forecasts communicated at the end of the 3rd quarter: it amounts to €84.5 million, up 5.3% compared to the previous year. Quarterly revenue for the fourth quarter amounted to 22.5 million euros, a new quarterly record for the Group.

SaaS activity grew strongly in the last quarter (+14%). As a result, software revenue grew 10% in the fourth quarter and 6% year-over-year.

As announced in previous press releases, the slowdown in the Services business in North America remained marked at the end of the year. The Consulting Services business thus posted limited growth of 3% over the year.

In Russia, Generic Group maintains its activity at the service of its customers, almost exclusively large European groups present in the country. Over the quarter, revenues from Russia are stable in the SaaS activity and down €0.1 million in the Services activity. Over the year as a whole, activity in Russia increased by 3%.

New SaaS contracts: 5.5 M (+17%)

Quarter ended
March, 31st
Switch 12 months ended
March, 31st
Unaudited (K€) 2022 2021 2022 2021
Signature of a new SaaS contract (ACV*) 1,821 2,217 -18% 5,539 4,746 17%

* New signatures expressed in ACV (Annual Contract Value) highlighting the average annual additional revenue that will be generated after deployment of the contracts concerned.

The annual growth of new SaaS contracts is 17%, confirming the Group’s commercial momentum.

The evolution of SaaS signatures includes a negative base effect in the second half: the previous year, the health crisis had led to a slowdown in new SaaS signatures in the first half, followed by an acceleration in the second half.

Among these new signings:

  • In Franceas part of a multi-year strategic partnership, Generic Group The Invoice Services solution was chosen by Pitney Bowes to be customized and marketed to its French customers, particularly as part of their digital transformation and more specifically for their regulatory compliance;
  • In SpainLogikfred, a 3PL operator specializing in negative cold, one of the most demanding segments in the world of logistics, has chosen Generix Group’s Warehouse Management System (WMS), supplemented by the Yard Management System (YMS), for a warehouse dedicated to frozen foods.

Profitability for the year 2021/2022

The expected rate of return should be almost stable compared to the previous year due to the sustained effort on Research and Development and Sales and Marketing expenses.

Generic Group is very attentive to the evolution of the geopolitical situation and to the international sanctions within the framework of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. In this context of uncertainty, Generic Group has several growth drivers: on the one hand, the signing of new contracts during the year, which should continue in 2022/2023, and on the other hand, the business acceleration plan put in place in North America.

Generic Group will present its outlook for 2022/2023 when publishing its annual results.

Supplementary and non-IFRS Ffinancial Iinformation

The additional non-IFRS information (referred to above as EBITDA) presented in this press release is subject to inherent limitations. It is not based on any comprehensive set of accounting rules or principles and should not be considered a substitute for IFRS measures. In addition, the Company’s supplemental non-IFRS financial information may not be comparable to similarly titled non-IFRS measures used by other companies.

Next financial press release: June 8, 2022after market close

Publication of the 2021/2022 annual results

On Generic Group

Generic Group is a Collaborative Supply Chain expert present in 60 countries, thanks to its subsidiaries and its network of partners. More than 6,000 companies worldwide use its SaaS solutions. The group’s 800 employees support customers such as Carrefour, Danone, FM Logistic, Fnac-Darty, Essilor, Ferrero in the digital transformation of their Supply Chain.

Its collaborative platform, Generix Supply chain hub, helps companies keep the promises they make to their customers. It combines the capabilities to execute physical flows, digitize information flows, manage collaborative processes and connect companies to all their partners, in real time.

Generix Supply chain hub is aimed at all players in the Supply Chain: manufacturers, Third Party and Fourth Party (3PL/4PL) logistics providers and distributors.

Founded in France in 1990, the company was listed on the Eurolist market of Euronext Paris, compartment B (ISIN: FR0010501692). To learn more:

  • EXT-FR-FINA-CP-CA-Q4-2021-2022_final

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