European stock markets started the session low as they wait for the PMI


dex 0.5% remaining, up to 13,156.51 points, FTSE-100 Returns 0.47%, CAC-40 Opened at 6,331.17 points after falling 0.2% Eurostock 50 returns 0.6%, at 3,634.15 points and mibo ftse It starts at 22,046 points after initially losing more than 0.5%.

Among the most rising prices at the opening, BASF leads with an advance of more than 1.5%, up to 41,785 euros; The revaluation of Eni N is higher by one percentage point, while Daimler advances by 0.8% at the start at 55,405 euros.

they interact with the negative HRCThose who lost 1.5% were followed by Deutsche Börse and AB InBev, which fell almost 1% and their shares rose to 169.17 euros and 51.07 euros, respectively.

At a corporate level, British Airways will make further cancellations and revise its winter schedule by the end of October, the airline said on Monday, following Heathrow Airport’s decision to limit its capacity to face generalized difficulties.

The leaders of Canada and Germany said on Monday that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is bringing Canada and Germany closer together, with Canada seeking to boost exports of vital energy and minerals to Germany as that both countries switch to fossil fuels. are.

Today, eyes at the macro level will be on the Manufacturing, Composites and Services PMI, which will be released in both the Eurozone and the US. In addition, the latter would also publish the retail sales of Redbook.

Yesterday, the main indexes on Wall Street closed lower, rising more than 2% in the case of the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq. Today, futures for these indices are also trading lower. Dow Jones futures fell 0.2% to 32,974.20, the S&P 500 fell just over three ticks to 4,124.10 and the Nasdaq 100 fell 0.4% at 12,831. .10 points.

The central bankers’ symposium begins in Jackson Hole with some sittings waiting until next Thursday. A rally that comes at a time when EUR/USD lost parity against the dollar and is currently trading at $0.9919. later status Last week, Isabel Schnabel, the German representative on the board of the European Central Bank (ECB), acknowledged that there were signs of slowing growth in the eurozone. They open the door for the region’s economy to enter a technical recession, while inflationary pressures will likely take time to dissipate. A situation that contrasts sharply with the strength of the US economy today.

Oil futures remained weak in the commodity market. Brent oil futures were down 0.3% at $96.80 while West Texas futures were up 0.46% at $90.72. Dominant market expectations are now concerns over a supply shortage, with Saudi Arabia warning that the major oil commodity could cut production to correct the recent price slump.

Damage to a network of pipelines carrying oil from Kazakhstan via Russia faces a further disruption in energy supplies across Europe, which added on Monday to concerns over a collapse in gas supplies by the operator of the pipeline.

The cryptocurrency is correct again in today’s session. Bitcoin was down just 1.6% at $20,988.9, while Ethereum was down more than 2% at $1,572.36


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