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Before discovering Enstack, Allysa Fabiaña manually lists her company’s daily sales and expenses of favorite items. Today, she uses Enstack’s features to manage her day-to-day operations.

“Enstack has allowed us to understand our business and manage it better with its built-in accounting and inventory tools and reports. We have also been able to meet the needs of more customers with integrated services that allow us to offer cashless payments,” said Fabiaña, owner of Thrift Season.

Enstack empowers small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to enhance their digitization efforts. The app helps them manage orders, track inventory, receive payments, ship packages, and record daily business transactions on their mobile phones.

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“Enstack makes it easy for SMBs to digitize by turning familiar pen-and-paper processes like recording sales, expenses, and inventory into mini-apps that can be used individually or all together,” said Macy Castillo, director General of Enstack. “They are then introduced to digital services such as shipping and cashless payments to extend their reach. We want digitalization to be achievable by letting SMEs decide their pace and which features to start with. »

The single registration of the application allows SMEs to have access to services usually offered only to large companies. By submitting a single ID, selfie and proof of billing upon registration, merchants become verified users and can offer value-added services such as digital payments and same-day delivery at lower rates. reduced.

The Chat Store also allows merchants to automatically accept orders through their linked Facebook Messenger accounts so they never miss a sale.

Enstack has created highly localized features for Filipino SMBs to do the following:

  • Sell ​​online, in person, over the phone and even via chat
  • Offer cash and cashless payment options
  • Book couriers directly on Enstack
  • Digitize paper records and inventory


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