Emperador H1 Revenue Hits 5.3 Billion As Revenue Rises


Emperador Inc., the alcohol company of businessman Andrew Tan, said its first-half revenue reached 5.3 billion pesos, slightly up from the 5.13 billion pesos a year last.

The company, which sells brandy and Scotch whiskey brands under Whyte and Mackay, said its consolidated revenue rose 11% to 28 billion pesos for the period from 24.81 billion pesos last year. .

The company said its brandy sales increased 9.5% and its international sales, mainly driven by the whiskey segment, increased 13%.

“After back-to-back banner performance in 2020 and 2021, our business continues to drive growth despite supply chain challenges and rising input costs,” said Emperador President Winston Co.

Co said the company’s international business continued to perform well, driven by the single malt whiskey portfolio.

“Growth remained strong in Asia, Europe and North America. Overall, we expect better performance in the second half. Meanwhile, to further strengthen our international business, we are exploring a joint venture in China. Our focus on China is part of our internationalization strategy.

Emperador also owns Fundador Spanish Brandy de Jerez and Whyte and Mackay, the world’s fifth largest producer of Scotch whisky.

The company said earlier that it plans to spend 3 billion pesos this year, 72% more than last year’s 1.74 billion pesos, to further expand its global footprint in various international markets and that the bulk of the expenditure would be devoted to the whiskey trade.

“We operate in an ever-changing, dynamic and highly competitive industry. Strategic investments are essential to ensure that as a global company we can adapt to changing consumer preferences and demands. Not only that, but we are also able to deepen and strengthen our premiumization and internationalization efforts,” said Co.


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