East Point and Sandy Springs Mayors Talk LOST Revenue as Towns of Fulton Negotiate Funding Share – WABE


In this edition of “Closer Look,” Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul and East Point Mayor Deana Holiday Ingraham discuss the collective grievances of Fulton County mayors over how the revenue shares of the County Local Optional Sales Tax (LOST) will be apportioned.

“What the county is asking us to give up the revenue we use from police, fire and emergency ambulance services, and basic municipal services that we all receive, would require us to either cut those services or raise our property taxes,” says Paul. “But in East Point and Sandy Springs, we can’t do that.”

Paul, Holiday Ingraham and other Fulton County mayors are currently negotiating with the county to increase the LOST revenue percentages from 4.98% to between 5% and 15%, with a meeting scheduled for Friday. If no deal can be reached by the Dec. 30 deadline, revenue will “evaporate” from Fulton County city budgets.

“$12.5 million is being taken from East Point’s budget and over $300 million will be taken from the budgets of the 15 cities in this county,” Holiday Ingraham said. “It’s ridiculous.”


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