Earning the annual income of a dentist, WNBA stars like Brittney Griner are far behind Stephen Curry and the NBA giants who earn more than Hollywood actors


One of the reasons Brittney Griner and other WNBA stars play overseas is because of lack of money. The base salary of a WNBA player is similar to that of a dentist. And the players are not happy about that. Especially when their NBA counterparts like Stephen Curry and other stars earn tens of millions of dollars. Some NBA superstars are known to earn more than famous Hollywood actors.

The average NBA player earns around $8.5 million per year, while the highest-paid NBA player earns $48 million per year. And that number will cross 50 million over the years. Meanwhile, the WNBA base player salary is around $61,000, while the highest is around $229,000. And the average WNBA salary is $128,000. That’s about what many dentists in the United States earn.


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The disparity between the two is shocking. As a result, WNBA players often have to travel overseas to compensate for this.

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The WNBA season also doesn’t run year-round. So this allows players to go to other countries and compete there. And the salary outside of the WNBA is significantly higher than in the United States. It can range from hundreds of thousands of dollars to over a million. And the bulk of player salaries are not made in the WNBA.


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Now, the league has also announced that it will fine players who are late to practice due to overseas obligations based on a prioritization law. Many stars are pondering their future in the league. Breanna Stewart and Gabby Williams are not sure on their immediate future in the WNBA.


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It’s been a long-standing issue that WNBA players wouldn’t get what they deserve. The players and the players’ association have been protesting for a long time. But there have been few changes in this regard.

Meanwhile, NBA salaries go up with the seasons. Stephen Curry has become the first player to sign his second contract worth over $200 million. The league’s Max players earn over $250 million. And the day isn’t far off when an NBA player will sign a 300 million dollar contract.


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One of the reasons the disparity is so great is the popularity and income difference between the two leagues. The popularity has skyrocketed over the years, but the earnings seem to be the same. But the league risks losing some of its best players if it does not find a solution to this problem.


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