Deloitte challenges PwC in advisory as revenue rises 19% to $2.5 billion


“We have also seen growing interest from our customers in climate and sustainability related services, which is why we have implemented a dedicated, market-leading climate practice covering all of our core service offerings. services.”

Rebound in partner profits, staff bonuses

Deloitte also saw strong earnings growth, with the value of partner profit units, which is how financial partners are paid, up 15% to $935 each. That’s above the pre-COVID-19 rate of $905 and a remarkable rebound from the low of $715 in the pandemic-hit 2020 fiscal year.

“One of our main objectives this year was to try to get our underlying profitability back above pre-COVID levels. an ability to appropriately reinvest in the growth and future of our practice,” said Mr. Powick.

In 2019, the starting salary for a non-stockholding partner in the company was around $320,000 in consulting, while a stockholding partner in consulting would expect to earn at least $550,000.

Mr Powick said the company exceeded its revenue target by 8%, or $200 million, with the benefit of outperformance to be shared with staff via bonuses.

Additional payments are expected to range from thousands of dollars for junior staff to tens of thousands of dollars for high performing senior staff. This is a move to encourage staff to stay with the company in a tight labor market and continuing labor shortages.

“We are able to share this above-plan performance with our partners and teams, and we have implemented a year-end profit sharing bonus scheme for our staff based on level and performance” , did he declare.

“It’s an approach that we intend to continue to advance as we deliver above-plan performance at the enterprise level.”

Audit wins

Deloitte was appointed to audit companies ASX 100 CSL, Boral and Aurizon during the year, with Mr Powick’s wins attributed to the firm’s non-audit capabilities.

“Being a multidisciplinary firm has been key to winning the audits we have successfully won in the market this year. …[We had] to demonstrate the additional skills and capabilities clients want as part of their audits in areas such as tax, data, cybersecurity, digital and climate,” he said.

His comments on the importance of being a multi-disciplinary firm came amid news that rival EY has tapped investment banks JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs to advise on a potential listing or sale of its consultancy business.

Deloitte’s revenue figures exclude recoverable expenses, a number that has been used in the past by companies to augment the figure reported to the market.

The companies, all in private partnership, have limited public reporting obligations and generally provide limited financial information.

Mr Powick is optimistic about the company’s prospects for next year.

“The way forward will likely not be straightforward, but we approach the new fiscal year with clear-headed optimism due to our momentum, the strong demand we are seeing in the market, the quality of our team and the strength of our corporate foundations,” he said.


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