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JJustice pushes for income tax cut after new record high

West Virginia’s general revenue for the month of August of $507 million was $141.8 million above estimates and 32.2% higher than revenue a year earlier.

“I once again plead with the State Senate to grant our hardworking West Virginians an immediate and permanent 10 percent personal income tax cut,” Governor Jim Justice said. “These surpluses are taxpayers’ money and should be returned to them in the most efficient and timely manner possible.

“Sound management of the state’s finances has led to this incredible opportunity for our taxpayers and the entire state of West Virginia. Without a doubt, the elimination of personal income tax would spur the growth and prosperity of our state for decades to come.

After posting a surplus of $1.308 billion in fiscal year 2022 and another all-time high for departure tax collections in July, August saw departure tax collections total another all-time high for the month of $129.2 million, up from $45.9 million in August last year, an increase of $83.3 million.

Year-to-date, General Revenue Fund severance tax collections of $183.8 million were 273% higher than a year ago and $157.4 million million dollars above the estimate.

Personal income tax collections totaled $186 million, beating the estimate by nearly $15.2 million and the previous year’s revenue by 20.4%. Year-to-date collections totaled $347.2 million, $29.4 million higher than estimates and 17.2% higher than the previous year’s receipts.

Count the Covid-19

The latest figures as of Thursday, September 1, 2022:

West Virginia

Covid cases: 583,775

Deaths: 7,291

Source: DHHR

United States

Case: 94,631,569

Deaths: 1,046,895

Source: CSSE


Case: 603 515 664

Deaths: 6,496,705

Source: CSSE

W.Va. Vaccinations

1st move: 1,147,073

Fully vaccinated: 990,633

Source: DHHR

Active cases over 3,000; positive zigzag rate

After spending a day below 3,000 at 2,980, active Covid cases rebounded on Thursday, hitting 3,151, the fifth day of the past six on which the number was above the 3,000 mark after passing a day below the 2,980 line.

The positive test rate continued its wildly erratic see-saw pattern of the past two months, falling to 8.17% from 16.73% two days earlier.

Hospitalizations fell to 309 from 317, slowly moving away from a recent high of 382 on August 10 and far from the pandemic record of 1,097 on February 2.

The number of patients being treated for the highly infectious disease in an intensive care unit increased by 1 to 42, while the number of patients on ventilators decreased by 1 to 11.

After adding nine Covid-related deaths to Wednesday’s report, the Department of Health and Human Resources added five more on Thursday, bringing the state’s total to 7,291.

In Thursday’s report, DHHR confirmed the deaths of a 79-year-old man from Wayne County, a 95-year-old man from Ohio County, a 71-year-old woman from Putnam County, a 94-year-old man woman from Marion County and a 92-year-old woman from Hancock County.

Advisors approve updated Covid plans for fall boosters

US health advisers on Thursday approved new Covid-19 boosters that target today’s most common strains of omicron, saying that if enough people roll up their sleeves, the updated shots could alleviate a winter thrust.

The edited shots taken by Pfizer and rival Moderna promise Americans a chance to get their latest protection at another critical time in the pandemic. These are combined or “bivalent” shots, half the original vaccine and half the protection against the BA.4 and BA.5 omicron versions that now cause almost all Covid-19 infections.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advisers have struggled to decide who should get the new booster and when – because so far only a similarly modified vaccine, not the exact recipe, has been studied in people. ‘man.

But ultimately the panel ruled it was the best option given that the United States is still experiencing tens of thousands of Covid-19 cases and around 500 deaths every day – even ahead of another expected winter surge.

“I think they’re going to be an effective tool for disease prevention this fall and through the winter,” said CDC adviser Dr. Matthew Daley of Kaiser Permanente Colorado.

Comparing the tweak that’s been studied in people and the one the US will actually use, “it’s the same scaffolding, part of the same roof, we’re just putting in skylights and windows,” Dr Sarah said. Long from Drexel. University.

The CDC is expected to adopt this recommendation soon, the final step before the shootings can begin. Millions of doses are expected to reach vaccination sites across the country by Labor Day, CDC officials said.

The original Covid-19 vaccines still offer strong protection against serious illness and death, especially in younger, healthier people who have received at least one booster.

Gasoline prices continue to fall as summer ends

After a seemingly endless spring of price hikes at the pump, gasoline prices have fallen every week of the summer and the national average is expected to be its lowest since March 3 and 20% lower than July 4, at $3.79 per gallon. on Labor Day.

According to GasBuddy, prices this Labor Day weekend will continue to decline slightly from summer highs, but will still be more than 60 cents per gallon more expensive than last year.

Scheduled as the biggest summer of travel since the pandemic shutdowns in 2020, this year’s spike in gas prices has thrown a wrench into the road trip plans of many Americans. At the start of summer, 58% of Americans responded to GasBuddy’s survey that they intended to take a road trip during the summer, with 33% to travel on the holiday weekend. Labor, though after months of soaring prices and a national average topping $5 per gallon, gasoline demand data from GasBuddy tells a new story.

Gasoline demand on Independence Day weekend this year was significantly lower than in 2021, and the drop in gallons pumped in recent weeks indicates that seasonal trends continue to drive down demand.


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