Cummins suspends all business operations in Russia – Indianapolis Business Journal


Indiana-based engine manufacturing giant Cummins Inc., which last week announced it was suspending most operations in Russia, now says it is shutting down operations there altogether.

In a statement on Friday, Cummins said he “will indefinitely suspend all business operations in Russia as the attacks on Ukraine escalate and a peaceful resolution does not appear imminent.” We are now taking steps to quickly end our operations. »

Cummins’ board of directors made the decision Thursday evening, company spokesman Jon Mills told IBJ.

In its statement, Columbus-based Cummins also said, “We strongly condemn the actions of the Russian government, which is endangering millions of innocent people and turning millions of Ukrainian citizens into refugees. This concern also extends to our 700 employees and thousands of end-user customers in Russia and the impact on non-participating citizens in this invasion.

Cummins has operated in Russia for decades and manufactures products there under a joint venture with Russian automaker KAMAZ Inc. The joint venture was signed in 2006, but the two companies have a business relationship that dates back to the early 1980s.

“This decision is very difficult for our affected employees in Russia, our business, our communities and our customers,” Cummins said, adding that it is “evaluating the best ways to support our employees during this difficult time in accordance with local laws and regulations. . .”

The move is the latest in a series of setbacks Cummins has suffered since Russia first invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24. “most” of its activities in this country.

Cummins has no employees in Ukraine. He said he offered $250,000 in grants to meet the emergency needs of refugees, and that his employees also volunteered. The company also said it works with community organizations, including in Romania and Poland; and working with grant partner GlobalGiving.


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