CCC urges advisers to help BCC manage business operations


BULAWAYO City Council (BCC) has increased its cattle herd to 526 and several goats, while it also owns 2.5 hectares of sorghum as it embarks on agricultural ventures to get more income.

This was revealed yesterday during an assessment of BCC’s business entities by a six-member board business committee.

Residents had asked the council to find other ways to generate revenue instead of relying on tariffs in order to improve service delivery in the city.

Ward 9 Councilor Donaldson Mabutho (Citizens Coalition for Change, CCC) said Southern Eye that its business committee made up of six councilors and the city’s economic promoter carried out an assessment mission to find out what was happening in the council’s business units, including farms and commercial entities.

“Our first stop was our farms. We found out that there are 526 cattle raised by the city of Bulawayo. We have Boer goats and our regular Matabeleland goats. We also discovered that we have sorghum crops that cover about 2.5 hectares,” he said.

Mabutho said they also visited Ingwebu breweries to assess aging machinery, production levels and plans that are there to run the business at full scale.

Bulawayo CCC provincial spokesman Swithern Chirowodza challenged his party’s councilors to help the city invest more in business units.

“We want these businesses to be run profitably and competitively to reduce the costs associated with providing services. Residents will then bear half of the costs of providing the services. It’s simple but strategic,” Chirowodza said.

Ahead of by-elections on March 26 this year, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga told Zanu PF supporters at a rally at Silwane Grounds in Pumula that the opposition was failing to manage business entities advice to generate income.

Chiwenga said it weighs on residents by paying high rates.

He also accused councilors of dividing land among themselves and misusing council-owned properties before urging residents to vote for Zanu PF council candidates.

However, all eight city wards and two parliamentary seats in Bulawayo went to the CCC.

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