carsales Australian business operations achieve carbon neutrality


Australia’s Largest Online Automotive, Motorcycle and Marine Site classified ads business, carsales has announced that it has achieved carbon neutrality for its Australian business operations.

This achievement is recognized by the Australian government’s carbon-neutral certification program, Climate Active. Certification was achieved by establishing a carbon offset strategy as well as a commitment to reduce emissions.

Commenting on the announcement, the managing director and CEO of carsales, Cameron McIntyre, said: “A fundamental part of being a purpose-driven company is ensuring that we contribute to a more sustainable future.

“This certification is part of our broader sustainability strategy and demonstrates to our team members, customers and shareholders that we are committed to sustainability. While we still have a lot of work to do, we are 100% committed to driving a deeper sustainability agenda across our operations around the world. »

carsales is currently carrying out an independent assessment of its carbon emissions across its Australian and international operations and is developing an emissions reduction strategy which will include reduction targets.

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Part of carsales’ carbon offset strategy includes supporting a mix of community, conservation and renewable energy projects that have been proven to bring social, environmental, economic and cultural benefits to local and international communities.

Projects supported by carsales include:

• The Karlantijpa North Savanna Burning project combines traditional knowledge with innovative techniques to reduce emissions associated with savannah fires. In Australia, carsales said it was important to align with a project that delivers environmental, cultural, economic and social benefits to the traditional custodians of our lands – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

• NIHT Topaiyo REDD+ conserves threatened tropical rainforests in Papua New Guinea, which is Australia’s closest neighbor and a country with which Australia shares a rich history and strong bilateral relations.

• Pacajai REDD+ helps reduce deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon rainforests. Brazil is a country with which carsales has had close ties since 2013, when it acquired a 30% stake in webmotors, a Sao Paulo-based digital automotive marketplace.

• The Midilli hydropower project demonstrates carsales’ commitment to supporting low-emission power generation. This is important for car sales given the continued increase in sales of electric, hybrid and low-emission vehicles around the world and the role car sales play in partnering with manufacturers, dealers and consumers globally. as this transformation progresses.


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