Business Operations | GSK


Using numbers to make life better

Help us deploy the numbers to drive our strategic success, so we can deliver what matters most, better, and faster.

We are looking for future leaders in finance

Are you a motivated and adaptable graduate with an interest in finance?

Finance underpins everything we do here at GSK, and if you join us, you’ll use the numbers to make a difference. We provide an independent perspective, guiding decision-making and strategy within our organization. We also maximize profitability by managing costs, cash and return on investment.

Be part of a team that prides itself on delivering excellence. You will be a trusted advisor to your peers and colleagues, driving continuous innovation and improvement – ​​and enjoy a challenging and varied career with many opportunities.

Develop your leadership potential and your career

If you are a graduate with the talent and ambition to lead others, we will help you develop the expertise to become one of our future leaders.

  • Over three years, you will have three rotations (jobs) that will challenge and stretch you

  • You will learn and integrate the basic financial and systems technical knowledge you need to move forward

  • You will also have the opportunity to work hand in hand with companies. It can be anything from commercial to manufacturing or R&D to support their business decision. Wherever you are, you will develop your technical knowledge and acquire new business knowledge. It will be up to you to provide solid and insightful analysis that will help the department achieve its goals.

  • You will have a regional or global view, in one of the many areas. Above all, you will broaden your perspective and your entrepreneurial spirit


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