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Notice of Proposed Budget: NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 2023 Proposed Budget for the Arkansas River Power Authority is now available for public inspection, at the office of the City Clerk of each member municipality.

The ARPA Board of Trustees will hold a public hearing on the proposed budget on December 1, 2022 at the Otero Junior College Student Center beginning at 10:15 a.m. Any public comments or questions regarding the proposed 2023 budget should be directed to Rick Rigel, General Manager, Arkansas River Power Authority, PO Box 70, Lamar, Colorado, 81052, phone number 719-336-3496, or by e- email [email protected] .

The proposed budget for 2023 includes:

  • Total revenue of $30.67 million
  • Power supply costs of $14.89 million
  • Transportation costs of $3.58 million
  • $1.21 million A&G fee
  • Debt service costs of $8.3 million

ARPA welcomes 3 new board members: Aaron Williamson (Trinidad), Heath Piper (Springfield) and Randy Holland (Holly). Trinidad City Council member Aaron Williamson was appointed to the ARPA Board of Directors by the Mayor and City Council in June 2022. Heath Piper is a Springfield native. He is a Certified Journeyman Lineman and has served as Electrical Superintendent for the City of Springfield for the past 2 years. Randy Holland was recently hired as an administrator for the town of Holly and was appointed to the ARPA board by the Holly board. Randy has been involved in municipal public works administration for 38 years.

Summary of September 2022 Financial and Operating Statements: During the month of September, electricity sales revenue was slightly below budget and total cost of goods sold was 5.8% below budget. Net income for the month was $388,457. Year-to-date, revenue from electricity sales is on budget and cost of goods sold is 4.1% below budget. Net revenue year-to-date is $5.62 million. Member energy sales were 3% below budget in September and 4% below budget in September 2021. Year-to-date member sales are slightly below budget and slightly below 2021 sales .

Next ARPA Meeting: The next regular meeting of the ARPA Board of Directors will be held on Thursday, December 1, 2022. The meeting will be held at the Otero Junior College Student Center, 2001 San Juan in La Junta, CO. Notice of meeting and agenda will be posted on the ARPA website ( under Public Notices and will also be posted in a designated location in each of the member cities at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. Meetings of the ARPA Board of Directors are open to the public.

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