9 tips for taking pictures

Today, in the age of digital technology, when the camera is built almost everywhere, wherever possible, and even in a matchbox, we can only enjoy ourselves in photographs.

But, unfortunately, few people know how to take pictures correctly and the result very often disappoints. It seems that everything contributes to the result in photographs, and the atmosphere, and the dress, and makeup.

But, when you look at the screen of the camera, the first thing you want to delete is a photograph, and the second is to cry.

— Why it happens? Why are we most often bad at photos?

We can eat properly, hold a fork and a spoon, we know how to drive a car and cross the road to a green light. We got these skills from birth. But no one taught us how to take pictures correctly, although this is also a skill. 

A person who turns out badly in photographs again and again says: I am not photogenic. Although in fact photogenic or non-photogenic does not exist. You can learn to take pictures, as well as take pictures.

One of my specialties is shooting a private portfolio. I work with people who are far from the modeling business and most often are in front of the camera for the first time.

I know almost everything a person who faces a camera can tell me. And I work with that. And I get a lot of positive feedback from my work.

And my first advice for those who want to learn how to take pictures correctly is, however strange it sounds:

Learn to take pictures

Whether you take a selfie on a mobile phone, whether you are posing for a professional photographer or your girlfriend — you need to know the basics of photography.

After all, if you know how to take pictures, you understand the basics of composition and color combinations, you know how light works — then all the tips below you will simply not need.

You can learn to take pictures in my photo school — with a cost of only $ 10 per month. I have lessons on both a mobile phone and professional cameras. And a lot of practice. You can talk a lot, it’s easier to go to the site and see.

Clothing for photo shoots

There are three whales of photography that shape the image and, adhering to these three things, makes the photo a success. One of these things is the right clothes for photo shoots.

In my work, I use a stylist who works with the clothes of the model and, if necessary, finds the clothes that I need to complete the image. But you yourself, without the help of a stylist, can improve your appearance.

Use clothes of neutral colors for a photo shoot, without flashy, excessively bright spots. Indeed, if you appear in front of the camera in a red blouse, the viewer will first of all see the blouse, and last of all, you.

Clothing for photo shoots should be uniform, preferably without patterns and stripes. Leave large leopard dresses and blouses with large patterns at home. Firstly, you’ll get lost in them, and secondly, not all cameras can cope with complex patterns on clothes.

And it is very important to complete the image with accessories. Before a photo shoot, I always talk about accessories for all my models. Do not forget to put on the right pendant or bracelet that will emphasize your appearance.

Places for photo shoots

The second whale of successful photography is the background on which you are photographed. Here the advice is almost the same as with clothes.

No aggressive colors, patterns and stripes in the background. The more uniform the place for the photo shoot, the better. Shooting on a carpet background is considered bad form. Well, you already know that.

The background should match the image. If you wear a Victorian dress and choose a high-tech room as your location, it will look rather strange.

Or, if you go to the wheat field to take pictures in a wedding dress. Which bride in good condition will go out of town to act in a dusty and dirty field?

Therefore, choose a location in accordance with the idea that you want to convey.

Model for the photographer

And the third thing that completes and forms the image, and what we will talk about in the remaining seven points, is you, a model for the photographer.

No photogenic or non-photogenic people. There are people who love and respect themselves. Such people stand confidently in front of the camera, they are who they are.

Therefore, first of all, love yourself. I understand that this advice is from the field of psychology, and to love yourself is not one dozen trips to a psychologist, but try.

At a minimum, consult a photographer. Perhaps he will dispel many of your doubts. After all, the reality of the photo shoot is a little different than you can imagine. For example, I try not to schedule a shoot without a preliminary meeting.

There is also a very tricky trick that will set you in the right way and help you quickly get yourself free at the photo shoot. This technique is from a New York school, which, due to its effectiveness, quickly scattered around the world.

When you are alone at home, undress, stand in front of the mirror and, a hundred times, stroking yourself, say: I am the most beautiful. The best. I love myself very much. If you say it a hundred times, without ever laughing, you can play in Hollywood.

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